Digicrime Network & Conference mit LKA NRW und EUROPOL

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Digicrime Network & Conference


Landeskriminalamt NRW
Völklinger Str. 49, 40221 Düsseldorf

VOICE, das LKA NRW, EMPACT, eine Organisation von Europol und euro.digital, der europäische Dachverband der IT-Anwender veranstalten erstmals die Digicrime Network & Conference im Landeskriminalamt NRW in Düsseldorf. Treffen Sie die Spezialisten der europäischen und deutschen Polizeibehörden sowie CISOs und CIOs von Anwenderunternehmen aus ganz Europa. Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt, Anbieterunternehmen sind nicht zugelassen. Als Sprecher treten unter anderem auf: Neil James Walsh  UN Chief of Cybercrime and Money Laundering; Marc Grantz, US Secret Service; Herbert Reul, Innenminister Nordrhein-Westfalen; Frank Hoever, Direktor LKA

Die komplette Agenda finden Sie hier: 

Informationen und Anmeldung erhalten Sie bei Iris Vogtmann iris.vogtmann@voice-ev.org oder bei Andreas Arbogast (Präventionsspezialist, Polizei NRW) und Peter Vahrenhorst (Prevention Cybercrime, LKA NRW) E-Mail:  DigiCrime.LKA@polizei.nrw.de

Main Topic & Content of the conference

IT awareness and new ideas of cooperation – what contributions can be made by users, associations, authorities and politics? Best Practice is already well-known in the cooperation of VOICE and the police authority of North Rhine Westphalia. – Now it is time to lift this sample up to an European level. Remember: Cybercrime does not accept borders.
Authorities, universities, businesses and associations – all are threatened by cyber-attacks, which give cause for concern. In the meantime, important infrastructures for the common good have been so affected that entire IT systems have to be shut down again and again.
The solution is not infrequent hidden in already existing structures of companies or law enforcement agencies. The measures are various and often many participants are helpless, especially who has which competences and responsibilities. Collectively with the LKA North Rhine Westphalia, as well as the EU Policy-Cycle EMPACT CAIS (Cyber- Attacks) and the umbrella organization euro.digital the “DigiCrime network & conference” should serve CIO and CISO from the VOICE- / euro.digital user area, executives from relevant law enforcement services of EU Member States, institutions and agencies (e.g. Europol) and associations from the security area per example: Alliance for Cybersecurity and the EUCTF in a constructive dialogue.


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